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Initial Token Offering

Fundamentally Changing How Startups are Funded

Decentralised White-Label Investor Platform

Launch Your ITO in 2 Weeks

Give your customers a great first impression with a professional and easy-to-use white-label platform


Crowdfunding Platform for Investors

Launch your crowdfunding campaign with no headaches

Integrated KYC/AML Service

Know your Customer & Anti Money Laundering System that your bank will love

Fiat & Crypto
Payment Gateway

Virtually Limitless opportunities to collect funding. Accept over 50 different cryptos + Fiat (USD/EUR)

Increase Conversion by a real conversation

Stop missing out on opportunities and connect with your investors by live chat! 

Security & Utility Tokens


We will create you a token that fits your business model

Advanced Security


Pentested Platform & Servers
DDos protection
Datacenters Across the Globe

Token Sale Marketing System

Make your project's backers also your brand ambassadors with a multiple tier affiliate system

Security Token Investor Dashboard


.Pay dividends to investors in multiple currencies


Get a Funding Platform that Works

Tokenization and blockchain have created a new era of decentralized crowdfunding.

When launching an Initial Token Offering or Initial Coin Offering you usually have to look for extra developers who can build a platform for the funding period.

It takes a lot of time and money to get a platform that’s tested and secure.

This creates a situation where your focus shifts to the ITO instead of building an actual product.

ICOVenture takes care of the tech side and connects you to the right marketing and legal partners in the industry so you can focus on your actual product.

KYC/AML Process Your Bank Loves

When starting your crowdsale there’s an unspoken problem — trying to get your bank to accept the money from your STO.

The main reason financial institutions won’t accept your ITO funds is when you don’t have good enough Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures in place.

Our platform provides you with KYC processes that international financial institutions are already using.


DDos Protection

Malicious Bot Blocking

Cloud Web Application Firewall

Datacenters Across the Globe

DNSSEC Protection

Automatically Scaling Servers

Real-Time Monitoring & Alerts

Pentested Platform & Servers

Security Auditing

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Kenn Lend

CO Founder - CEO

Hans Pokmann

CO Founder - CTO

Kaarli Auksmann

Head of Partnerships

Airi Kasemaa

Project manager

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