Security Tokens Made Practical

Pay Dividends from Issued Security Tokens with The Currency You Prefer


Pay out Security Token dividends
Meets your compliance requirements
Better User Experience
Pay in 50+ Cryptocurrencies
Supports FIAT
Integrate with your platform

Securing assets on blockchain have become more common, and the first companies have been successfully doing so, by launching their Security Token.

Currently, there are some limitations to using the security token. Marrying your business value to certain blockchain might be risky and a hard-sell for seasoned investors, who are looking to make a long-term investment in a startup. They are interested in investing in security token based assets, but they are not interested in getting their rewards in only one token, which value might be highly volatile.

ICOVenture Dividend Gateway allows your company to pay out dividends or other rewards to your token holders in FIAT or other cryptocurrencies, that you prefer.


Give Your Investors Confidence in Your Company

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